Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bespoke Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress for your wedding day is exciting and fun, but it can also be frustrating if you can’t find the gown of your dreams. Your wedding dress is one of things that really should be perfect, not just “OK”, which is why many people turn to dress designers to create the perfect bespoke wedding dress for their big day.

Of course it takes a more time to work with a bridal gown designer to create a unique dress that has been made just for you, but the end result will be stunning and you will be wearing a one-off on your big day. If you are thinking of ordering a bespoke wedding dress, here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect bridal gown for you.

Find your inspiration

Having a bespoke bridal dress made for you provides you with the opportunity to have a real input into the design of your dress, so do your research first to get ideas on how you would like your gown to look. You can start by looking at wedding magazines or going online and looking sites like Pinterest for ideas. You might want to incorporate some of your own ideas into the design too, such as a feature from your mother’s wedding dress, or something else that is particularly meaningful to you.

Choose a designer who you can work with

Different designers will have different styles and different approaches to design, so it’s important that you choose a designer that you are 100% happy that you can work with. The first step is to look at their work online and then it is essential that you meet with the designer before you make any type of commitment.

Trust your designer

Once you have chosen a designer, you will need to work with them to create the gown of your dreams. While it is important to remember that it is your day and it is your dress, you will need to place quite a lot of trust in your designer too. Take on board their ideas and be patient, because it can take many visits over many months for a bespoke wedding dress to be completed.

Leave plenty of time

Make sure that you know what the turnaround time is for a bespoke dress before you order it, because designers will usually charge extra for a rush job. The best wedding dress designers will usually take about eight to nine months to complete a bespoke wedding dress, so you need leave plenty of time to have the dress made for you.

Take just one person with you to the initial meeting

Taking your friends and your family to fittings is all part of the fun and excitement of the build-up to a wedding, but don’t let your entourage get in the way of you having what you want, especially for the first meeting with a wedding dress designer. On the first few visits, when you are making important decisions about your dress, it is advisable to only take one trusted friend or family member with you for a bit of support and advice.

Make it your dream dress

When you wear a bespoke bridal gown, it can be your own. It’s a wonderful opportunity to incorporate your own ideas into the design, have the perfect shape and style for you, and to have all the little, unique details that will make your wedding dress a very special one-off. Work with a bespoke wedding dress designer and they will turn your dream wedding dress into a reality for you.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime, wonderful experience and everything should be exactly that way that you want it to be to make your day special; from the choice of the venue, to the type of cake and, of course, to your choice of bridal gown. If you want to turn your dream into reality and have a one-off and totally unique gown made just for you, take a look at these wonderful bespoke wedding dresses from Hermione de Paula, the premier luxury wedding dresses UK designer. They are all handmade to order, they are all stunningly beautiful, and each one is a piece of art in its own right.

About Colored Wedding Dresses

Unlike before when people used to do weddings only in white wedding dresses, nowadays people do weddings in colored dresses. Are you planning of buying a colored wedding dress and wondering what the different colors mean? Here is a guide:

Meaning Of Various Colors

White: Although, people no longer restrict themselves to the traditional wedding colors, white is still the most popular color. The color signifies purity, cleanliness and innocence. When you wear a white dress, it shows that you desire a simple life.

Silver: It’s a rich, glamorous color that creates a soothing and calming effect. The color is mostly chosen by brides who feel uneasy about their big day.

Multi-color: Although, most wedding dresses are monochrome, there are some brides who choose to go for multi-colored or patterned dresses.

Grey: If you attend weddings regularly, you must have come across a bride wearing a. Grey symbolizes security, maturity and a neutral, non-invasive feeling. Research studies have shown that many brides wear grey in order to suppress their personalities.

While there is no rule of thumb that you should follow when choosing the color of your dress, you need to ensure that the color you go for complements your skin tone.

You should consider the season that you are doing your wedding. For example, if you are doing your wedding during spring you should go for light, pastel colors. If you are doing your wedding during winter, you should go for darker, deeper colors.

To ensure that your colored dress matches the theme of your wedding, you should do a lot of research and ensure that you wear the right dress. For example, if you are doing a renaissance-themed wedding, you should do your research and identify the colors that were popular during that time.


There are many types of colored wedding dresses that you can go for. You should note that the different dresses are ideal for different seasons. These dresses include:

Sheath: it’s ideal when you are doing the wedding in a cathedral or grand estate. The sheath dress is also ideal if the overall theme of the wedding is formal. Since the dress leaves your arms, upper chest, shoulders and upper back bare, the dress is also ideal when doing the wedding during a hot season.

Bubble: a bubble dress is ideal when you are holding a casual wedding. For an ideal look you should avoid a wedding dress with bright colors such as pink. These colors not only look immature, they also tend to be too casual. To be on the safe side you should go for a low-key color such as brown or grey.

Sun dress: a sun dress wedding dress is ideal when you are a doing your wedding on a casual and summery venue such as backyard, beach, outdoor garden or regional park. Great colors for your wedding dress include: taupe, navy blue and white.